Interface PathQueryBuilder<T>

Type Parameters:
T - the return type of the query builder.
All Superinterfaces:
CriteriaQueryBuilder<PathQueryBuilder<T>,T,CriteriaQueryWrapper<T>>, QueryBuilderBase<PathQueryBuilder<T>,CriteriaQueryWrapper<T>>
All Known Implementing Classes:

public interface PathQueryBuilder<T> extends CriteriaQueryBuilder<PathQueryBuilder<T>,T,CriteriaQueryWrapper<T>>
Query builder that returns a custom selection in an Object[] as result. Multiple paths can be selected using addPathToSelection(String...).
See Also:
  • Method Details

    • addPathToSelection

      PathQueryBuilder<T> addPathToSelection(String... path)
    • setToManyPathResultLimit

      PathQueryBuilder<T> setToManyPathResultLimit(int limit)
      To-Many paths are resolved with their own query and then merged with the main result set. By default, the size of the list of a to-many relation is unlimited. To limit the list (e.g. to prevent OOMs in some use cases), you can set a limit via this setter. If the limit is exceeded, a ToManyPathQueryResultOverflowException is thrown.