Interface PreferencesStore

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public interface PreferencesStore
  • Method Details

    • savePreferences

      void savePreferences(Node node, @Nullable @Nullable Principal principal, Map<String,String> values, Set<String> removeKeys)
      Persists the new values for the given node. The keys in the set removeKeys get removed from the store. It is assumed that no key in the removeKeys set has a mapping in the new values map. The keyset of the map and the removedKeys are always considered disjoint.
    • loadPreferences

      Map<String,String> loadPreferences(Node node, @Nullable @Nullable Principal principal)
      Loads the preferences map from the store for the given node.
    • loadValues

      Map<String,String> loadValues(Node node, Iterable<String> keys, @Nullable @Nullable Principal principal)
      Loads a single values from the given or current users settings associated to the current buseiness unit.
    • deleteNode

      void deleteNode(Node node, boolean subNodes, @Nullable @Nullable Principal principal)
      Deletes all preferences entries for the given node using the given or current principal and current business unit.
      subNodes - also delete sub nodes
    • deleteKeys

      void deleteKeys(Node node, Set<String> keys, @Nullable @Nullable Principal principal)
      Removes all settings of the given keys from the given node. Only settings for the current principal and current business unit are considered.
    • deleteValue

      void deleteValue(Node node, String key, String value)
      Removes all settings of the given key value combination from the given node regardless of the principal