Interface QualificationService

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public interface QualificationService
  • Method Details

    • getQueryBuilderFactory

      QueryBuilderFactory getQueryBuilderFactory()
    • getRelevantRegistrationStatuses

      Iterable<Entity> getRelevantRegistrationStatuses()
    • getDefaultDisplayService

      DefaultDisplayService getDefaultDisplayService()
    • getTextResources

      TextResources getTextResources()
    • getSecurityManager

      SecurityManager getSecurityManager()
    • getPersistContext

      Context getPersistContext()
    • getL10N

      L10N getL10N()
    • getMc

      MathContext getMc()
    • getGradeDecimalDigits

      int getGradeDecimalDigits()
    • getPointsDecimalDigits

      int getPointsDecimalDigits()
    • getGradesNumberFormat

      NumberFormat getGradesNumberFormat()
    • getPointsNumberFormat

      NumberFormat getPointsNumberFormat()
    • commaSeparatedString

      String commaSeparatedString(EntityList list)
    • isHideFinishButton

      boolean isHideFinishButton()
    • getExtensions

    • updateInputDatasForParticipants

      void updateInputDatasForParticipants(Input input)
      Update all Input_data entities für all "valid" participants for a given input
      input - an Input
    • wrapEvaluationDataEntity

      EvaluationData wrapEvaluationDataEntity(Entity evaluationDataEntity)
      wrap an Evaluation_data instance
      evaluationDataEntity - an Evaluation_data entity
      an object wrapping the provided entity
    • getDefaultMinGrade

      BigDecimal getDefaultMinGrade()
    • getDefaultMaxGrade

      BigDecimal getDefaultMaxGrade()
    • getDefaultRounding

      BigDecimal getDefaultRounding()
    • getNodeDataForUsers

      List<InputData> getNodeDataForUsers(InputNode inputNode, List<PrimaryKey> participantKeys, InputDataLogicContribution.ContextData contextData)
      Get the relevant InputData for some given participants for this InputNode See implementations of InputDataLogicContribution for different data gathering strategies The default implementations loads Input_data by filtering by in the past and picking the newest, filled Input_data
      inputNode - the node data is being loaded for
      participantKeys - the keys of the User entities
      contextData - additional info used by InputDataLogicContribution
      InputData for the specified participants