Class EventRegistrationUserTask

All Implemented Interfaces:
OptionalTask<RebindValue[],Entity>, PersistTask<RebindValue[],Entity>

@Deprecated public class EventRegistrationUserTask extends Object implements OptionalTask<RebindValue[],Entity>
implemented in EventRegistrationResource for new widget
rebinds a User or Address, or gets the current User if RebindValues are empty if Address was rebound, try to find the current User in related Users, if not found this will throw

sets source and status on Address and User source is set to 'event_registration' if empty status is set to 'check' if something on the entity was changed

sets Address_type on Address, Salutation on User and Correspondence_language on both if User was newly created Address_type is set to 'neutral' Salutation is set to 'formal' Correspondence_language is set to whatever was passed in params, throws if none or not valid Correspondence_language