Interface RebindValue

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractRebindValue, FreeSearchRebindValue, GeoSearchRebindValue, RangeRebindValue, RoomProposalRebindValue, SelectionRebindValue, SimpleRebindValue

public interface RebindValue
Represents a value as received back from the client.

To get to the value(s) you need to downcast it to one of the implementations.

  • Method Details

    • getComponentId

      String getComponentId()
    • getFieldUri

      URI getFieldUri()
    • getVersion

      long getVersion()
    • isDirty

      boolean isDirty()
    • hasValue

      boolean hasValue()
      Tells if there is a value.
      • For a simple value that means: something not null.
      • For a selection value that means: at least one selection.

      Note: this has absolutely nothing to do with isDirty()! This instance may be dirty and have "no value" (something was removed), or be clean and have a value (an initial default value for example).

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    • hasNonEmptyValue

      boolean hasNonEmptyValue()
      Tells if there is a value, and it's not "empty".
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