Interface ActionModifier

All Known Implementing Classes:
ActionForEntityPermissionModifier, CmsActionModifier, DmsActionsModifier, ModuleContextCreateActionsModifier, PublicDmsActionsModifier, RemoveCreateDetailDocumentsModifier, ReportActionModifier, ReportPermissionActionModifier, SecurityActionModifier

public interface ActionModifier
Allows to modify an ActionModel just before it is send to the client.

Each action that leaves the ActionManagerImpl goes through this method as last step. The intention of modifiers is the (hopefully) special cases, where ActionFactorys don't produce the intended result.

Contribute instances to nice2.netui.ActionModifiers.

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    • postModify

      void postModify(ActionGroupModel actionGroup, Situation situation)

      Modify actions in this group.

      Note, that the specified group contains all actions that are passed to the client. The specified group itself is a wrapper for conveniently modifying the actions.

      actionGroup - contains all actions previously created by the ActionFactorys
      situation - the situation the actions has been created for