Interface ActionModel

All Known Subinterfaces:
ActionGroupModel, SeparatorModel
All Known Implementing Classes:
ActionGroupModelImpl, ActionModelImpl, SeparatorModelImpl

public interface ActionModel
  • Method Details

    • getId

      String getId()
      A *non-unique* id of the action. This id is used to map the serverside action representation (button) to the clientside action (perform method).

      For example the export actions (about 5 buttons) share the same action id, and have different properties. They are all handled by the same clientside action (perform).

      In xml this attribute is called 'path' for historical reasons.

      The id is also used for the netuiactions security.

      The id may also used for the jabsorb action in the BackportAction.js (legacy code).

    • deepCopy

      ActionModel deepCopy()
    • getName

      String getName()
      Used for the text-resource key for the label.
      The label key.
    • setName

      void setName(String name)
    • getShortDescription

      @Nullable @Nullable String getShortDescription()
    • setShortDescription

      void setShortDescription(@Nullable @Nullable String descr)
    • setEnabled

      void setEnabled(boolean flag)
    • isEnabled

      boolean isEnabled()
    • setToggle

      void setToggle(boolean flag)
    • isToggle

      boolean isToggle()
    • getIcon

      @Nullable @Nullable String getIcon()
    • setIcon

      void setIcon(@Nullable @Nullable String icon)
    • getPosition

      @Nullable @Nullable Integer getPosition()
    • setPosition

      void setPosition(@Nullable @Nullable Integer position)
    • setRelativePosition

      void setRelativePosition(@Nullable @Nullable String relativePosition, String propertyName)
      Set the relative position of this action model, it will be placed before or after another action model with the given property-value for this property.
      relativePosition - a string in the form "[BEFORE|AFTER]:[property-value]"
      propertyName - the property name, can be any of the java beans property of the action model or one of the properties in the property map
    • getRelativePositionProperty

      String getRelativePositionProperty()
    • getRelativePosition

      String getRelativePosition()
    • getProperty

      @Nullable @Nullable Object getProperty(String key)
    • setProperty

      void setProperty(String key, @Nullable @Nullable Object value)