Interface ComponentFacade<T extends Component>

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All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractComponentFacade, AbstractDataComponentFacade, AbstractValueDataFacade, ActionFacade, ActionSeparatorFacade, BirthDateFacade, CodeFieldFacade, ColumnFacade, ConstantFieldFacade, ContextDataFacade, CreatePasswordFacade, CustomDataFieldFacade, DescriptionFieldFacade, DisplayExpressionFieldFacade, DocumentFieldFacade, FormFacade, GenericComponentFacade, HtmlFacade, LocationFieldFacade, MultiRemoteFieldFacade, MultiSelectBoxFacade, NumberFacade, PhoneFieldFacade, PositionSearchFieldFacadeNetui, RangeFieldFacade, RemoteFieldFacade, SelectionDataFacade, SingleSelectBoxFacade, TableFacade, TextAreaFacade, ValueDataFacade

public interface ComponentFacade<T extends Component> extends Serializable
Implement this to provide another marshallable view of a Component.

for usage and samples.

  • Method Details

    • setUp

      Set up the facade
      ctx - the context
    • getComponentType

      String getComponentType()
    • addChild

      void addChild(ComponentFacade facade)
      // * Called by BindingManager implementation // * to notify a parent ComponentFacade that // * a child was created. It's up to the parent, how the child is treated.
      facade - the child facade
    • setTypeManager

      void setTypeManager(TypeManager typeManager)
    • setComponent

      void setComponent(Component component)
    • readUnderlyingComponent

      Component readUnderlyingComponent()
      Don't rename to 'get', don't make it marshallable!
      The component this facade wraps.