Interface ValidationProgress

All Known Implementing Classes:
ProgressAdapter, ValidationProgressAdapter

public interface ValidationProgress
Receives progress messages from within the validation task. This may be invoked from multiple threads. Therefore progress impls should be thread-safe and perform quickly, since they block the validation task.
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  • Method Details

    • onStart

      void onStart()
      Called right after the validation task has been started.
    • onEnd

      void onEnd(SchemaModelValidator.Result result)
      Called after all validations have been performed with the final result.
    • enteringChecks

      void enteringChecks(int entityModels, int relationModels)
      After starting, database meta data is collected and then a simple count of models to validate is calculated.
    • enteringEntityCheck

      void enteringEntityCheck(int num, EntityModel model)
      Called before an entity model is validated.
    • leavingEntityCheck

      void leavingEntityCheck(int num, EntityModel model)
      Called after an entity model has been validated.
    • enteringRelationModel

      void enteringRelationModel(int num, RelationModel relationModel)
      Called before a relation model is validated.
    • leavingRelationModel

      void leavingRelationModel(int num, RelationModel relationModel)
      Called after the relation model is validated.