Interface SchemaModelValidator

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public interface SchemaModelValidator
  • Method Details

    • checkDataModel<SchemaModelValidator.Result> checkDataModel(ValidationProgress progressCallback, Reporter additionalReporter)
      Starts validating the entity model against the database. If already running, this just returns the future representing the currently running validation task. In this case the given progressCallback and additionalReporter arguments are not taken into account.
    • isRunning

      boolean isRunning()
      Check if the validation is currently in progress.
    • addProgress

      void addProgress(ValidationProgress progress)
      Adds a ValidationProgress to the list of global progress callbacks.
    • removeProgress

      void removeProgress(ValidationProgress progress)
    • addReporter

      void addReporter(Reporter reporter)
      Adds a Reporter to the global list of reporters.
    • removeReporter

      void removeReporter(Reporter reporter)