Class AbstractEntityDocsGuardFactory

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Direct Known Subclasses:
FolderGuardFactory, ResourceContentGuardFactory, ResourceGuardFactory

public abstract class AbstractEntityDocsGuardFactory extends Object implements GuardFactory
Base class with common functionality for entity docs GuardFactory implementations.
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    • priority

      public int priority()
      Description copied from interface: GuardFactory
      if multiple factories support a specific secured objects, the one with the highest priority will be used.
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      priority in interface GuardFactory
    • supports

      public final int[] supports(List<?> secured)
      Specified by:
      supports in interface GuardFactory
      the indices of the secured list that are supported by this factory
    • supportedEntities

      protected abstract List<EntityReference> supportedEntities(List<EntityReference> entityReferences)
      the number of given EntityReference that are supported by this guard.
    • getPrivilegedInvoker

      protected Invoker getPrivilegedInvoker()
    • getEntitiesFromSecuredObjects

      protected List<EntityReference> getEntitiesFromSecuredObjects(List<?> secured)
    • loadRelatedEntityKeys

      protected Map<Serializable,Serializable> loadRelatedEntityKeys(String targetEntity,<String,Serializable> entityModelToKeys)
      Loads all primary keys of the related entities of a given list of Resource or Folder keys.
      a map that maps the key of the Folder/Resource to the key of the related entity
    • isMailBoxFolder

      protected boolean isMailBoxFolder(@Nullable @Nullable Entity folder)