Class AbstractWebsocketDefinition<T extends BaseWebsocket>

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Direct Known Subclasses:
LoggingWebsocketDefinition, ModelValidationWebsocketDefinition, SqlLoggingWebsocketDefinition

public abstract class AbstractWebsocketDefinition<T extends BaseWebsocket> extends AnonymousWebsocket<T>
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    • doCreateWebSocketInstance

      protected T doCreateWebSocketInstance()
      Specified by:
      doCreateWebSocketInstance in class SecureWebsocket<T extends BaseWebsocket>
    • doCreateWebSocketInstance

      protected abstract T doCreateWebSocketInstance(int idleTimeoutSeconds)
    • getName

      protected abstract String getName()
    • getPath

      public String getPath()
      Description copied from interface: WebSocket
      The relative path where this endpoint should be published. Should start with '/nice2/websocket/' for consistency reasons.