Class BusinessUnitMode

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@Component public class BusinessUnitMode extends AbstractModeWrapper
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    • wrap

      public <A, T> PersistTask<A,T> wrap(PersistTask<A,T> task, Mode<?> mode)
      Description copied from interface: ModeWrapper
      Returns a task conforming to the given mode. Gives the opportunity to wrap the given task (or create a complete new one) before executing it.

      The usual use case is this: If some condition holds inside the given mode, a new task is returned wrapping the given task with additional behaviour. If the condition does not hold, the task argument is returned.

    • getPriority

      public Priority getPriority(Mode<?> mode)
      Description copied from interface: ModeWrapper
      This method returns the priority for this wrapper. Please see Priority class documentation.
      Specified by:
      getPriority in interface ModeWrapper
      getPriority in class AbstractModeWrapper
    • getKey

      protected Mode.Key<?> getKey()
      Description copied from class: AbstractModeWrapper
      Override this to return the Mode.Key that this wrapper applies to. If null is returned, this mode is contributed with Priority.NORMAL.
      getKey in class AbstractModeWrapper