Interface Preferences

All Superinterfaces:
ReadOnlyMap<String>, WriteableMap<String>
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public interface Preferences extends WriteableMap<String>
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    • getNode

      Node getNode()
      The node identifying this preferences map.
    • setAutoFlush

      void setAutoFlush(boolean flag)
      Sets the auto-flush property. If set to true, each call to a setter will immediately cause saving all changed values.
      flag - autoflush
    • isAutoFlush

      boolean isAutoFlush()
      whether autoflush mode is enabled or not
    • save

      void save()
      Saves all changed values to the underlying storage.
    • reload

      void reload()
      Reloads all values from the storage. Note, that all changed values are lost.
    • clear

      void clear()
      Clears the preferences map. If not flushed, any unsaved changes that happened before the clear() are discarded. All changes after clear() are recorded as usual.
      Specified by:
      clear in interface WriteableMap<String>
    • toMap

      Map<String,String> toMap()