Class ForcedTwoFactorAuthenticationHandler

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@Component @Order(500) public class ForcedTwoFactorAuthenticationHandler extends AuthenticationHandlerAdapter
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    • authenticate

      public void authenticate(Challenge challenge, Credentials credentials)
      Description copied from interface: AuthenticationHandler

      Authenticates the given challenge by voting for or against it.

      If the supplied credentials are unknown to this handler, it may not vote at all, indicating no meaningful knowledge about the challenge.

      Specified by:
      authenticate in interface AuthenticationHandler
      authenticate in class AuthenticationHandlerAdapter
      challenge - the authentication challenge
      credentials - the credentials supplied by client in case of non-recoverable error. An exception will immediately stop authentication process to failed state.
    • postEventListeners

      public void postEventListeners(Challenge challenge)
      Description copied from interface: AuthenticationHandler
      After authentication has been successful for all registered AuthenticationHandlers and after the success event listeners have been call, the postEventListeners step is invoked. This could be useful if something needs to be checked after the listeners have been invoked. This handler may also decide in this step to give a new vote for this challenge which overrides the previously given vote. If this throws any exception, authentication process is immediately stopped to failed state. Therefore, it may occur that the authentication listeners are called with state `SUCCESS` and after that again for the same challenge with state `FAILED`, if the authentication failed resp. was cancelled in this step.
      challenge - the authentication challenge