Interface PolicyProcessor

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractCustomPolicyProcessor, AbstractDmsPolicyProcessor, AbstractMembershipHierarchyPolicyProcessor, AddressMembershipHierarchyPolicyProcessor, EntityDocumentsPolicyProcessor, FolderReadPermissionForNonAnonymous, GenericHierarchyPolicyProcessor, HistoryPolicyProcessor, MembershipHierarchyPolicyProcessor, NullPolicyProcessor, PageReadPermissionForNonAnonymous, PageReadPermissionForRedactor, ResourceReadPermissionForNonAnonymous, SystemEntityPolicyProcessor, UserMembershipHierarchyPolicyProcessor, WidgetPolicyProcessor

public interface PolicyProcessor
Provides a hook for contributing policy post-processors.
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    Post-process the given policy.
  • Method Details

    • processPolicy

      void processPolicy(PolicyBuilder policy, Object target) throws Exception
      Post-process the given policy. On phase `LOGIN`, the `target` is the principal being logged in, on phase `GUARD`, it's the object being guarded. On phase `LOGIN` the `policy` is the entire policy containing all rules that affect the current user, on phase `GUARD` the policy only contains the rules that are relevant to the guarded objects (the entire policy, if needed, can be retrieved from the SecurityContext).