Interface Rule

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RuleBuilderImpl, RuleImpl

public interface Rule extends Serializable
Represents a single rule in the policy.
  • Method Details

    • getPermissions

      Set<Permission> getPermissions()
    • getIncludedSubjects

      Set<Subject> getIncludedSubjects()
    • getExcludedSubjects

      Set<Subject> getExcludedSubjects()
    • getCondition

      Node getCondition()
    • isNegative

      boolean isNegative()
      false if the rule is a GRANT, true if it's a DENY rule.
    • isFinal

      boolean isFinal()
    • getModule

      AppModule getModule()
    • getSelector

      Selector getSelector()
    • getAnnotation

      <T> Optional<T> getAnnotation(Rule.Key<T> key)
    • annotations

      Map<Rule.Key<?>,Object> annotations()