Class EntitiesResource

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@Path("/entities/2.0/{name}") public class EntitiesResource extends AbstractEntitiesResource
This resource provides a collection of the entities of a certain type.

This resource is based on the _path parameter; all paths are selected together in the main query (if possible), which results in much better performance compared to the old version.

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    • getEntities

      @GET @Produces("application/json") public CollectionBean getEntities()
    • searchEntities

      @POST @Path("search") @Produces("application/json") @Consumes("application/json") public CollectionBean searchEntities(@PathParam("name") String modelName, EntitySearchBean searchBean)
    • addEntity

      @POST @Consumes("application/json") @Produces("application/json") public addEntity(@PathParam("name") String modelName, EntityBean entityBean)
    • addEntities

      @POST @Path("multi") @Consumes("application/json") @Produces("application/json") public addEntities(@PathParam("name") String modelName, EntityBean[] entityBeans)
    • getCount

      @GET @Path("count") @Produces("application/json") public CountBean getCount()
      getCount in class AbstractEntitiesResource
    • postCount

      @POST @Path("count") @Consumes("application/json") @Produces("application/json") public CountBean postCount(EntitySearchBean searchBean)
      postCount in class AbstractEntitiesResource