Interface SelectionPathHandler

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractToManyBinaryHandler, AbstractToManySelectionPathHandler, AbstractToOneBinaryHandler, ToManyDetailDocumentHandler, ToManyResourceContentHandler, ToManySelectionPathHandler, ToOneDetailDocumentHandler, ToOneResourceContentHandler, ToOneSelectionPathHandler

public interface SelectionPathHandler
A strategy how to efficiently fetch a Path of a CustomSelection from the database. This is used internally by the CriteriaQueryBuilder.
  • Method Details

    • supports

      boolean supports(Path path)
      true if this instance supports the given path.
    • select

      void select(Path path)
      path - a path that should be selected by this handler.
    • processSelection

      void processSelection(SelectionRegistry selectionRegistry)
      This is called before the query is executed. The handler can add all required selection paths to the given SelectionRegistry.
    • processResults

      <RT> void processResults(List<Object[]> queryResults, List<RT> target, SelectionRegistry selectionRegistry, ResultRowMapper<RT> mapper)
      This is called after the query was executed. The handler is expected to map the query results to the target array that is returned from the query builder.
      queryResults - the query result, contains all paths added during processSelection(SelectionRegistry)
      target - the list of arrays that will be returned from the query builder