Class AbstractFulltextSearchTypeAdapter

All Implemented Interfaces:
FulltextSearchTypeAdapter, TypeReceivable
Direct Known Subclasses:
AbstractDateFtsAdapter, DurationFtsAdapter, EmailFtsAdapter, NumberFtsAdapter, PhoneFtsAdapter, PostcodeFtsAdapter, StringFtsAdapter, TextFtsAdapter

public abstract class AbstractFulltextSearchTypeAdapter extends Object implements FulltextSearchTypeAdapter
  • Field Details

    • type

      protected Type type
  • Constructor Details

    • AbstractFulltextSearchTypeAdapter

      public AbstractFulltextSearchTypeAdapter()
  • Method Details

    • minChars

      public int minChars()
    • maxChars

      public int maxChars()
    • createQueryNode

      public Node createQueryNode(PathNode field, String query)
      Specified by:
      createQueryNode in interface FulltextSearchTypeAdapter
    • createNode

      @Nullable protected abstract @Nullable Node createNode(PathNode field, String query)
    • asObjectOrNull

      @Nullable protected @Nullable Object asObjectOrNull(@Nullable @Nullable String value)
    • toVariants

      protected Set<String> toVariants(String term)
    • replacePunctWithWildcard

      protected String replacePunctWithWildcard(String term)
    • literal

      protected LiteralNode literal(@Nullable @Nullable Object value)
    • setType

      public void setType(Type type)
      Description copied from interface: TypeReceivable
      Called by the TypeManager when creating a TypeAdapter in setAdaptersConfig().
      Specified by:
      setType in interface TypeReceivable
      type - The type for which this Adapter is configured.