Class CompileException

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public class CompileException extends PermanentPersistException
Thrown when a query written in the nice QL fails to compile.

What the real cause of the error is can't be found out at this point. It could be for example

  • a model error (field name that does not exist)
  • data type error (searching for a string in a number field)

The exception is permanent because running the same query again will cause the same exception. And it's likely that - even if the query was generated from code - the same query or a very similar one will be generated again. So there is a logic problem that needs fixing.

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  • Constructor Details

    • CompileException

      public CompileException()
    • CompileException

      public CompileException(String message)
    • CompileException

      public CompileException(Throwable cause)
    • CompileException

      public CompileException(String message, Throwable cause)