public final class Keys extends Object
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      public static final Mode.Key<Boolean> SETUP_EXECUTION_CONTEXT
      In some (rare) situations the ExecutionContext is not setup. The persist layer does not work without. This mode installs a new context and removes it after task execution.
    • L10N_CONTEXT

      public static final Mode.Key<String> L10N_CONTEXT
    • L10N_LOCALE

      public static final Mode.Key<Locale> L10N_LOCALE

      public static final Mode.Key<CollectMode> COLLECTMODE
      When executing looping tasks (such as `expandTask()` for example), specify whether the results should be collected.

      public static final Mode.Key<Double> RATE_LIMITATION
      Limit rate for looping tasks. The provided double number is equivalent to "permits per second".

      public static final Mode.Key<Callable<Keys.Cancel>> CANCELLATION
      Provide a cancellation function that is used in tasks that are combined with loops. The loop either throws an exception (Keys.Cancel.ERROR) or simply terminates (Keys.Cancel.STOP) depending on the result of the cancellation function. In case of Keys.Cancel.ERROR an CancellationException is thrown. The callable is expected to return a value and not throw. If it throws regardless, the exception is propagated.

      public static final Mode.Key<Integer> OUTDATED_MAX_RETRIES
      Set max retries when OutdatedException occurs. Default is 0 retries.

      public static final Mode.Key<Boolean> NEW_CONTEXT
      Create a new context for the task to be processed.
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