Interface OutputJob

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public interface OutputJob extends Mergable
  • Method Details

    • getId

      String getId()
      The id of this output job. It uniquely identifies this job.
      Specified by:
      getId in interface Mergable
    • getCreatedTime

      org.joda.time.DateTime getCreatedTime()
      The timestamp this output job was created.
    • getOwner

      Optional<Entity> getOwner()
      The owner user, who created this output job. If it was created by the system, there is no owner.
    • getLabel

      String getLabel()
      The label or name of the document without a possible extension.
    • getStatus

      OutputJob.Status getStatus()
    • getType

      OutputJob.Type getType()
    • getDocument

      The document if this job is "not personalized", meaning there are no recipients for this document. In case of a personalized job, this document is a the result of concatenating the documents of all recipients.
    • getItems

      Iterable<OutputJobItem> getItems()
      A list of personalized documents with their corresponding recipients.
    • isPersonalized

      boolean isPersonalized()
      Tells whether this is a personalized job (one with items) or an unpersonalized job.
    • getMergeItems

      Iterable<OutputJobMergeItem> getMergeItems()
      If this job is a merge-job, this method returns the list of jobs that have been merged into this one.