Class SeminarQualificationEventCopyExtensionFactory

All Implemented Interfaces:

@Component @Order(0) public class SeminarQualificationEventCopyExtensionFactory extends Object implements EventCopyExtensionFactory
since QualificationEventLogicCopyExtension is a bit of a mess, the order of operations between it and SeminarQualificationEventCopyExtension can be unclear. In general, they look something like this: 1. SeminarQualificationEventCopyExtension#handle adds all Evaluations from previous Seminar_event to the cache 2. QualificationEventLogicCopyExtension#handle copies Evaluations and Inputs from root event, as well as child Evaluations 3. SeminarQualificationEventCopyExtension#copy sets the parent of Evaluations, which works since any new Evaluations are already created 4. QualificationEventLogicCopyExtension#copy copies the rest of the qualification entities