Class AcceptedConflictEntityListener

All Implemented Interfaces:
EntityFacadeListener, EventListener

public class AcceptedConflictEntityListener extends InterruptibleEntityFacadeAdapter
Listener to update conflict status, when the "accepted" field on a conflict changes.

Step 1: Resolve the "conflict-target". This can be one of the following: - Lecturer_booking - Registration - Reservation (for Room and Appliance)

Step 2: Find all other Conflicts for the target as followed: - Lecturer_booking.relReservation_lecturer_booking.relCalendar_event.relConflict1 or relConflict2 - Registration.relReservation_registration.relCalendar_event.relConflict1 or relConflict2 - Reservation.relCalendar_event.relConflict1 or relConflict2

Step 3: Check if all related conflicts and the current conflict of this listener are "accepted" if so, set relReservation_conflict_status to "accepted" on the "conflict-target". If not, set relReservation_conflict_status to "existing"