Interface ReservationExportActionService

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public interface ReservationExportActionService
  • Method Details

    • iCalExport

      String iCalExport(String[] selection, String relatedEntityName, String path, String fileName)
    • iCalExport

      String iCalExport(EntityExplorerActionSelection selection, String relatedEntityName, String path, String fileName)
    • generateExport

      Entity generateExport(List<PrimaryKey> entityKeyList, String path, String fileName)
      This method runs in privileged mode, so make sure that the given `entityKeyList` was *not* loaded in privileged mode and that the current user is actually allowed to see them, otherwise this method might generate an export containing data the current user is not allowed to see.
      entityKeyList - The keys to create the export for (must *not* be loaded in privileged mode)
      the generated Output_job entity