Package ch.tocco.nice2.optional.order.spi.action.invoice.tasks

package ch.tocco.nice2.optional.order.spi.action.invoice.tasks
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    task for OrderGenerator that create Order_position entities for Billing_position and Payment_schedule_billing_position entities sets the invoiced_date on invoiced Billing_position entities
    this task creates a order for each OrderGeneratorBean and sets: - the recipient - the values from Invoice_action_settings or the default - the action properties from InvoicePropertiesContribution - the billing date on the source entity
    this task merges Order_position entities if all relations and field on the detail form are the same, except: - nr - quantity - total_net - total_vat - total_gross - relOrder (we only get Order_position entities from the same orders anyway) while merging, the quantity and discount fields from two order positions are added up