Interface CurrentArticlePriceService

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public interface CurrentArticlePriceService
used to get the current article price
  • Method Details

    • getCurrentArticlePriceForOrder

      BigDecimal getCurrentArticlePriceForOrder(Entity order, Entity article)
      returns the current valid price for the indicated article and the given order
    • getCurrentArticlePrice

      BigDecimal getCurrentArticlePrice(Entity article, Entity priceCategory, Entity currency, org.joda.time.LocalDate date)
    • getCurrentArticlePriceEntity

      Optional<Entity> getCurrentArticlePriceEntity(Entity article, Entity priceCategory, Entity currency, org.joda.time.LocalDate date)
      returns a optional of a valid price for a article
      article - the article to get the price from
      priceCategory - the price category the price needs to have
      currency - the currency the price needs to have
      date - the date on which the price should be valid
      an optional containing a Article_price, if one exists for the given values