Class RunGeoLocationBatchJob

All Implemented Interfaces:
org.quartz.InterruptableJob, org.quartz.Job

@DisallowConcurrentExecution public class RunGeoLocationBatchJob extends AbstractInterruptableJob
Updates all entities where geographic coordinates should be updated for a certain address. The entities to taken into account and the relevant address fields can be defined via a `GeoLocationEntities` contribution.
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    • setGeoLocationEntities

      @Autowired(required=false) public void setGeoLocationEntities(List<GeoLocationEntityContribution> geoLocationEntities)
    • setLimit

      @Value("${nice2.optional.geolocation.RunGeoLocationBatchJob.limit}") public void setLimit(int limit)
      Set limit of entities to process in one job run.
    • setTxSize

      @Value("${nice2.optional.geolocation.RunGeoLocationBatchJob.txSize}") public void setTxSize(int txSize)
      Set how many entities to process in one transaction.
    • doExecute

      public void doExecute(org.quartz.JobExecutionContext context, JobDataMapReader jobDataMapReader)
      Specified by:
      doExecute in class AbstractJob