Class QRBillAddressDirective

All Implemented Interfaces:
Nice2TemplateDirective, freemarker.template.TemplateDirectiveModel, freemarker.template.TemplateModel

public class QRBillAddressDirective extends Object implements Nice2TemplateDirective
The QRBillAddressDirective is used to generate address "text" for QR bills Params: mode: "qr" or "display" qr, displays the 7 line output for the qr code itself (separated by \n). "display" generates a 3 line output for the report (separated by
). Default ist "qr". address (mandatory): The address to be used. This needs to be set or this will throw an error. user (optional): The user to be used. useBillingAddress (optional): Boolean that denotes whether the billing address should be used or not (default: true)

 Line-by-line format for the QR Code:
 1. S
 2. the name that is built as follows:
 - company_b of the address (if it and the other _b fields are set)
 - company_c of the address (if it is set)
 - firstname + " " + lastname (if the user ist set)
 - alternative name (if passed as argument and not empty or null)
 - "" if none of the above are available
 3. street (including building number):
 - address_b if it is set and all other _b fields are set
 - postbox_b if it is set and all other _b fields are set
 - address_c if it is set
 - postbox_c if it is set
 - "" if none of the above are available
 4. building number (currently empty)
 - this line is reserved for house number which is currently not its own field in tocco (its included in the line above)
 5. postal code
 - zip_b if all other _b fields are set
 - zip_c
 6. town
 - city_b if all other _b fields are set
 - city_c
 7. address.relCountry.iso2

 Line-by-line format for display:
 1. name
 2. 1st address line
 3. for country CH: 2nd address line
 3. for other countries: country + "-" + 2nd address line
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    execute(freemarker.core.Environment env, Map params, freemarker.template.TemplateModel[] templateModels, freemarker.template.TemplateDirectiveBody templateDirectiveBody)

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      public QRBillAddressDirective()
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      public void execute(freemarker.core.Environment env, Map params, freemarker.template.TemplateModel[] templateModels, freemarker.template.TemplateDirectiveBody templateDirectiveBody) throws freemarker.template.TemplateException, IOException
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      execute in interface freemarker.template.TemplateDirectiveModel