Interface ColumnPropertiesTypeAdapter

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractTypeAdapter, BirthdateTypeAdapter, BooleanTypeAdapter, CounterTypeAdapter, DatetimeTypeAdapter, DateTypeAdapter, DurationTypeAdapter, EmailTypeAdapter, IntegerTypeAdapter, IpAddressTypeAdapter, LongTypeAdapter, MoneyAmountTypeAdapter, PasswordTypeAdapter, PercentTypeAdapter, PhoneTypeAdapter, PostcodeTypeAdapter, SortingTypeAdapter, TimeTypeAdapter, UploadTypeAdapter, UuidTypeAdapter

public interface ColumnPropertiesTypeAdapter
Provides datatype-based default values for when used in a grid column.
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    Return a number of pixels.
    Tells if the width is fixed.
    Tells if the type is displayed in a column.
  • Method Details

    • use

      boolean use()
      Tells if the type is displayed in a column. Most are (or may be), few are prohibited completely (eg PasswordMd5).
    • getWidth

      int getWidth()
      Return a number of pixels. It is respected intially as space permits, may grow and shrink in relation to the other values unless isFixed().
    • isFixed

      boolean isFixed()
      Tells if the width is fixed. Then the cell won't adjust size automatically, nor will it be possible for the user. (ext settings are kinda limited for now for the grid, they plan to enhance it.)