Class ContainerImpl

All Implemented Interfaces:
Component, LabeledComponent, Container

@Deprecated public class ContainerImpl extends AbstractLabeledComponent<Container> implements Container
  • Constructor Details

    • ContainerImpl

      public ContainerImpl(Component parent)
  • Method Details

    • newInstanceForCopy

      protected Container newInstanceForCopy(Component parent)
      Description copied from class: AbstractComponent
      Will be called when a copy is requested Component.createCopy()! Create a new instanc of this component, copy the properties and return it. You don't have to copy the properties which are inherited from the abstract implmentation. Only copy the properties from the concrete implementation.

      The parent has to be the parent given in the argument parent

      Specified by:
      newInstanceForCopy in class AbstractComponent<Container>
      parent - the parent to set
      the new instance
    • wrap

      Description copied from interface: Component
      Wraps the component with the given interceptor handler.

      Feel free to add an unwrap() method when needed.

      Specified by:
      wrap in interface Component