Class CounterChecks

All Implemented Interfaces:

@Component public class CounterChecks extends DispatchingSchemaCheck
  • Constructor Details

    • CounterChecks

      public CounterChecks()
  • Method Details

    • checkCounterRows

      public Iterable<CheckEvent> checkCounterRows(EntityCheckData data)
      Checks values in the `nice_counter` table. Every field with type `counter` may have a value in this table. The following conditions must hold: - entity does not depend on bu: 1 or 0 rows per entity:field, bu must be null - entity depends on bu: 1 or 0 rows per entity:field:bu where bu must never be null
    • checkCounterValues

      public Iterable<CheckEvent> checkCounterValues(EntityCheckData data)
      Checks the values of the counter against the values of the corresponding entity. - counter.counter field must be equal or higher than corresponding value in entity.field