Interface ModelElement

All Known Subinterfaces:
DeleteBehavior, EntityModel, EntityVisualisationModel, FieldModel, RelationModel
All Known Implementing Classes:
DefaultEntityModel, DefaultFieldModel, DefaultModelBase, DefaultRelationModel, DeleteBehaviorImpl, EntityModelImpl, EntityVisualisationModelImpl, FieldModelImpl, RelationModelImpl, TemplateEntityModel

public interface ModelElement
The root-interface for the data-model.

Be aware of the State!

There are two states in the configuration: mutable and immutable! During the startup, the model is in the mutable-state and the configuration will be read. If the whole model is finalized, it changes its state to immutable! If it reached that state, all calls to Setters and other modifying-operations will throw an IllegalStateException


All implementations have to follow Getter/Setter-Convention like in ordinary Java-Beans. Also it's allowed to create a Method with the prefix "add" to add stuff to Collection-Properties.