Interface MergeEntitiesService

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public interface MergeEntitiesService
  • Method Details

    • getMergeConfig

      EntityMergeConfig getMergeConfig(String modelName, List<String> entityKeys)
      Compute which fields/relations are showed to the user
      modelName - model name of the entities
      entityKeys - list of entity keys which should be merged
      a configuration object of showed fields and relations
    • merge

      EntityMergeResult merge(String modelName, String targetEntityKey, List<String> sourceEntityKeys, Map<String,?> updatedPaths, List<MergeRelationBean> mergeRelations)
      Processes the merging of source entities into a target entity
      modelName - model name of the target/source entities
      targetEntityKey - key of the target entity
      sourceEntityKeys - list of keys of the source entities
      updatedPaths - map of paths which are merged
      mergeRelations - relations where are related entities are copied to the target entity
      summary of the merge process (e.g. permission related issue)