Interface FulltextExtractorTypeAdapter

All Known Implementing Classes:
BooleanFulltextExtractorTypeAdapter, DateFulltextExtractorTypeAdapter, DateTimeFulltextExtractorTypeAdapter, DecimalFulltextExtractorTypeAdapter, DoubleFulltextExtractorTypeAdapter, HtmlFulltextExtractorTypeAdapter, IntegerFulltextExtractorTypeAdapter, LongFulltextExtractorTypeAdapter, PhoneFulltextExtractorTypeAdapter, StringFulltextExtractorTypeAdapter, TextFulltextExtractorTypeAdapter

public interface FulltextExtractorTypeAdapter
Interface for handling any field type and mapping field names to index field names. Implemented as type adapters, so have to implement at least one type adapter per per base type. Optionally you can also implement type adapters for virtual types if the need another handling (e.g. other value extraction by preparing things for better index handling or other index field name mapping).
  • Method Details

    • extractContent

      @Nullable @Nullable Object extractContent(TypedValue<?> value)
      This is the mapping between typed values and index value types. You can prepare values in order that they can be handled better by the index.
      value - a typed value, whose real value might be null or empty
      a value of a type which can be handled by the index
    • makeFieldName

      String makeFieldName(FieldModel fieldModel)
      This is the mapping between model field names and index field names.
      fieldModel - a field model whose name should be used as base for the field name mapping
      the final name which is handled by the index (e.g. suffixed by the wildcard name of the index)
    • getSuffix

      String getSuffix(@Nullable @Nullable FieldModel fieldModel)