Class ContentTreeDirective

All Implemented Interfaces:
Nice2TemplateDirective, freemarker.template.TemplateDirectiveModel, freemarker.template.TemplateModel
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public class ContentTreeDirective extends Object implements Nice2TemplateDirective
Parameters: * node (String, optional, defaults to current node or root node (topLevel flag is set to true) of current request (if any)): url of starting node * nodeEntity (Entity, optional, alternative for setting the 'node' paramater) * topLevel (Boolean, optional, defaults to false): set to true to start at the root node (domain) of the current request rather than the root node of the current request (only applies if the node param is omitted) * type (String, optional, defaults to "Page"): any node type which should be printed (e.g. Resource), or comma separated for multiple types * provideLeafVariable (Boolean, optional, defaults to false): activates variable leaf * recursive (Boolean, optional, defaults to false): prints map recursively (use with care; complex nested structures are not supported (e.g. ul, li, ul,...) * renderAfterRecursive (Boolean, optional, defaults to false): if true after the rendering of the children elements the body is a second time rendered (the second time the variable 'renderAfterRecursive' is true). So elements such as ul can be closed * ignoreVisibleInNavigation (Boolean, optional, defaults to false): set to true, to ignore the flag "isVisibleInNavigation" when loading children Available variables: * href (String): url * label (String): label (name) * title (String): title, fallback to label * baseData (Entity): underlying entity of node (e.g. Page) * leaf (Boolean): only available when activated with directive parameter provideLeafVariable=true * first (Boolean): first node of level * last (Boolean): last node of level * active (Boolean): true for the currently requested node * activePath (Boolean): true for any parent node of the currently requested node (i.e. its path is active) * level (Number): the current level of the current node (the argument node has level 0) * index (Number): the index of the current node in the current level (starting with 0) * type (String): the type of the current node (Folder, Page, etc.) Example code: ```xml [@contentTree node="http://localhost:8080/"] [#if first] [ul] [/#if] [li][a href="${href}"]${label}[/a] [@contentTree] [#if first] [ul] [/#if] [li][a href="${href}"]${label}[/a][/li] [#if last] [/ul] [/#if] [/@contentTree] [/li] [#if last] [/ul] [/#if] [/@contentTree] ```