Class NodePermissionsContribution


public class NodePermissionsContribution extends Object
Contribution to assign a Node_permission to a node type.
  • nodeName: name of the node's entity model
  • NodePermissionsContribution.NodePermission.permission: unique_id of a Node_permission entity
  • NodePermissionsContribution.NodePermission.context: name of a ContentTreeContext if this permission is only required in a specific context. Leave empty for DefaultContentTreeContext. (See also: ContentTreeContext.getName())
  • NodePermissionsContribution.NodePermission.forChildren: set to true to denote that this permission has no direct effect on this node and is only to be inherited to its children
  • NodePermissionsContribution.NodePermission.predicate: custom predicate that receives the actual ContentTreeNode to be able to apply some custom filtering (return false to remove the permission for the current node)